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GP16 Gas Panel

Det‐Tronics’s safety systems are certified to NFPA 72 and SIS certified as SIL2 capable. It allow for complete design and configuration to meet your safety system needs

The GP16 Gas Panel is a pre-configured EQP System that incorporates combustible and/or toxic gas detectors




The GP16 Gas Panel is a pre-configured Eagle Quantum Premier® (EQP) System that incorporates combustible and/or toxic gas detectors.

2) 4-20 mA and LON combined, 3) 4-20 mA only.


GP16提供三通信选项:1)局部操作网络(LON)通信,2)4-20 mA和LON结合,3)单独的4-20 mA。



  • The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) touch screen provides an interactive window for alarm and fault logs, configurable tag names, and real-time gas readings.
  • The system is pre-wired, pre-configured, and device ready — built to your specifications. Even the system high- and low-alarm limits are preset.


  • The Model GP16 is a good fit for applications that require some combination of up to 16 toxic/combustible gas detectors and/or 4-20 mA devices.
  • System options accommodate multiple types of field devices and communication protocols.


  • Built-in reliability optimizes availability and reduces maintenance costs.
  • The Det-Tronics EQP System components and field devices carry 3rd-party approvals to industry life-safety standards around the world.


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