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Volumetric PIRVOL IR Gas Monitor

Electrochemical, metal oxide semiconductor and catalytic gas detectors create a reliable first line of defence against hazardous gases.

Such as wellhead data logging applications




PIRVOLHV is a point-type infrared hydrocarbon gas process monitor. It provides a continuous 4-20 milliampere (mA) output signal that is proportional to propane vapor concentrations from 0 to 100% by volume. PIRVOLHV is designed for use in extractive vapor sampling systems where the vapor concentration is likely to be above the lower flammability limit (LFL). Typical applications for the PIRVOLHV include hydrocarbon well logging and petroleum exploration where a volumetric measurement of the target gas is required. PIRVOLHV is furnished with a sealed aluminum or stainless steel vapor sampling enclosure. Brass compression-type tubing fittings on the enclosure (for use with 0.25 inch O.D. tubing) allow easy connection to the inlet and exhaust lines of the vapor sample extraction system.


And is ideally suited for oil and gas wellhead mud-logging, hydrocarbon processing, and other extractive sampling applications. The PIRVOL provides superior life-cycle costs over destructive hot-wire measurements such as thermal conductivity and catalytic element sensors. In addition, the PIRVOL can replace expensive gas chromatographs in many gas exploration drilling applications


  • Routine calibration not required.
  • Continuous self-test automatically indicates a fault or fouled optics condition.
  • Performs well in the presence of high concentrations or constant background levels of hydrocarbons and in oxygen depleted atmospheres.
  • there are no known poisons, e.g. silicones or hydrides, that compromise the integrity of the measurement.
  • hydrophobic screen provides superior optics protection.



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